Marvel's Avengers will have exclusive content for Virgin and Verizon mobile customers

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers is certainly looking to attract players from varying backgrounds with the latest Reddit leak showcasing exclusive skins available to Virgin and Verizon mobile customers.

(Image credit: Square Enix/Reddit u/smoove4254)

Virgin Mobile is used primarily in the UK and Verizon in the US, but if you're a customer of either, you'll get access to six exclusive Marvel's Avengers skins (one for each main hero: Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Iron Man) in a colorway reminiscent of the mobile companies' branding. Captain America sort of looks like Captain Canada, no?

According to the Reddit post, there's also a collection of six skins available as part of an Intel promotion. These skins are more of a nod to classic Avengers looks - Thor has the iconic winged helmet, Iron Man's armor looks very handmade, and Hulk is erm, purple (could that be Dark Hulk?). A VGC article also details a promotion with 5 Gum, where purchasing special Marvel's Avengers branded packs of gum will get you an in-game emote. That's a lot of promos.

This onslaught of new - quite frankly bizarre - tie-ins with markets outside of video games is just a part of a very large Marvel's Avengers marketing campaign. There's a ton of content available for PlayStation players who pick up the game, including timed exclusives and a console exclusive hero in Spider-Man, who GamesRadar confirmed was a last-minute addition to an already fully fleshed out roster. 

If you're more interested in something tangible, there are several opportunities to take part in Marvel's Avengers beta in the coming weeks. Check out our very own Ben Tyrer's take on the beta experience right here

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