Marvel's Avengers trailer gives our first look at the game since it was delayed

The latest Marvel's Avengers trailer wants you to embrace your powers, and it's sending in the pluckiest, stretchiest hero of all (sorry Mister Fantastic) to seal the deal.

This is the first new look we've seen of Marvel's Avengers since it was delayed last month, pushing its release date back from May 15 to September 4. The trailer doesn't waste any time in bringing back the usual gang of heroes, though the main focus this time around is Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel.

We see a bit of how the game will put its own spin on comics canon, with a couple brief teasers of Ms. Marvel's superheroic origins during the A-Day incident. It also teases how she'll combine her unrepentant fangirling with her own nascent superpowers to help re-assemble the Avengers. It is partially their fault that she can stretch out several stories tall and smash things with her boulder-like fists now, not that she seems to be complaining.

We also see a few more teases of each Avenger's individual combat style: Captain America, who may or may not be dead now, ricocheting his shield off of several thugs' heads in a single toss; Thor juggling foes with the thunderous might of Mjolnir, Black Widow using her grappling hook to deliver high-speed dive kicks; the Hulk just wrecking up the place; and so on.

The trailer ends with a brief look at the Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack, which you can get by pre-ordering a copy of the game starting today. It is hard to go back to winged-helmet Thor in the year 2020, but I still respect the commitment to comic book history. Also, Ms. Marvel's fanny pack game is sharp.

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Connor Sheridan

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