Marvel to launch 3 new X-Men titles

Reign of X teases
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is teasing three new X-Men series launching out of 'Reign of X,' the current era of writer Jonathan Hickman's "revolutionary" reinvention of Marvel's X-Men comic book franchise. 

In a graphic that serves as a calendar for new series launches during ‘Reign of X,’ Marvel revealed the July debut of what appears to be a relaunched eponymous X-Men series by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Larraz starring the first formal X-Men team, spinning out of June's Hellfire Gala event

Then one month later in August, a "classified" new series by X-Factor writer Leah Williams and SWORD artist Valerio Schiti launches.

And finally, (for now) Hickman returns to the fold writing another mystery project, with an equally mysterious (Marvel redacted their identity) artist. But if you're going to be teasing the artist like that, Marvel should probably have a high-profile name at the ready. 

Reign of X teases

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There isn't much more to go regarding the identity of the mystery series. Marvel has long-teased a series starring Moira MacTaggert, there have been hints at some big developments for Storm, and there's always the possibility that another previously unannounced title like Way of X could pop up.

The new projects join the other recent and upcoming new X-Men launches, including Children of the Atom by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang in March, April's Way of X by Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn, and May's X-Corp by Tini Howard and Alberto Foche. And then June's "franchise-spanning" Hellfire Gala event.

That event includes the Planet-Size X-Men one-shot, which promises to set the stage for the next chapter of mutant evolution - perhaps leading to these new titles.

Stay on top of everything that's coming in 'Reign of X' with our listing of all the planned X-Men comic book releases through 2021 and beyond.

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