The Vision transformed in a new series of Dark Ages teasers

The Dark Ages
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel has released a new series of teasers to go along with a trio of previously released teasers for writer Tom Taylor's Marvel limited series Dark Ages. 

The first three images last week featured Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Iron Man, and the same tag line "Who were you when the lights went out?"

The three new images featuring Apocalypse, the Vision, and who Marvel calls "a strange new threat" Unmaker (according to the image's filename) sport a slightly different version of the line - "Who did you become when the lights went out?"

This likely suggests Unmaker is a character known to Marvel readers. 

Check out all six teaser images in our gallery below. 

Originally revealed in the Free Comic Book Day 2020 one-shot FCBD 2020 X-Men #1, Dark Ages by Taylor, artist Iban Coello, colorist Brian Reber, and letterer Joe Sabino was one of many projects put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the few Marvel comics missing in action which the publisher has now scheduled for a September 2021 debut

"The world outside your window…is about to end," reads Marvel's description of the series. 

"...this highly anticipated limited series will see heroes from every corner of the Marvel Universe unite against a new threat – and fail. Their defeat will usher in an exciting new age full of heartbreaking loss and unimaginable stakes. As the world is remade, fans will meet fascinating new versions of their favorite heroes as they fight to overcome insurmountable odds and restore hope to the universe."  

Dark Ages

(Image credit: Iban Coello (Marvel Comics))

The 2020 one-shot FCBD 2020 X-Men #1 is hard to find these days, so make sure you read our rundown of the Dark Ages preview. Long story short, an EMP-like attack occurs in New York City taking out everything electrical - lights, power, even Iron Man's armor - and apparently Iron Man's Arc Reactor that keeps his heart going. We guess that because, in the preview's end, he lays dying with Pepper Potts (does that sound familiar?) questioning what has happened.

So what is it, and how is it connected to the mainstream Marvel Universe? While it's described in the original FCBD 2020 X-Men #1 preview as "a saga of the Marvel Universe," according to its writer it is a standalone and/or alternate universe storyline. 

"No, it's out of continuity madness," Taylor recently tweeted, answering a reader question about where the series fits into Marvel continuity. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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