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31 Spider-Man PS4 easter eggs and tiny details you might have missed

11. Fogwell’s gym 

The gym where Daredevil’s dad trained, Fogwell’s Gym, can be seen down a side street. 

12. You can find the Clinton Mission Shelter

Clinton Mission Shelter appears in the Daredevil comics where his mother, Sister Maggie, works. 

13. Uncle Ben makes a brief appearance 

Uncle Ben doesn’t appear in game but you can see him in one of the photos on Aunt May’s desk. 

14. Daredevil’s business card is in Spidey’s backpack 

Peter has one of the business cards of Daredevil’s law firm Nelson and Murdock. 

15. Screwball appears in the Internet famous side mission

Screwball, the prankster/online attention-seeking nuisance from the comics and animated series has her very own side mission as she tries to get famous.

16. Avengers Tower 

The Avengers Tower is hard to miss on the New York skyline, plus there’s a trophy for climbing it. 

17. Stopping a train with webs 

Spider-Man references the Spider-Man 2 movie where he previously stopped a train with his webs, although unlike the movie it didn’t really work in this instance. 

18. You can pay your respects to Uncle Ben 

Go to the graveyard at the top of the map and you can pay your respects to Uncle Ben. Aww.

19. Goblin grenades

Prototype Goblin Grenades can be seen on a desk in the Oscorp headquarters. 

20. Spider-42 appears

Spider-42 is the Oz-infected spider (created by Harry Osborn’s company Oscorp) that bit Miles Morales in the comics.