Marvel Snap players astounded by $100 single-card bundle

Marvel Snap
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Marvel Snap is currently running a limited-time offer that will give fans a series of in-game upgrades, the only catch is that it'll cost $100 in real-life money. 

As shared in the game's dedicated subreddit, Marvel Snap is currently offering a 'Cyber Holiday' deal for the next three weeks which includes a single card, 3,000 Collector's Tokens, 9,500 Credits, and 155 Apocalypse Boosters. This bundle costs 7,500 Gold in the game's shop, which works out to around $100 of real-life money.  

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If you're happy spending $100 on Marvel Snap, then this is a great offer. However, as echoed in the comments of the Reddit post, this price is pretty steep compared to a lot of the other items and upgrades in the game's store. 

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"Will people actually buy this? It seems absurd," one Reddit user writes. "I may have plenty in the bank, but if I'm spending 100 bucks, I'm getting like 4 indie games, or 3 AAA titles during the steam sale," another responded. Not everyone feels this way though. There's also a number of Marvel Snap players who have expressed their desire to purchase the bundle with real money as well as the gold they've saved up, which technically wouldn't cost them anything extra. 

In other Marvel Snap news, the mobile game's creator Ben Brode has revealed his favorite decks and card in the game. In a recent interview, Brode explained that Mysterio is the developer's number one favorite as it was one of the first he designed during the game's development. 

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