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Marvel recruits Klaus Janson for "the biggest Marauders story yet"

Klaus Janson
(Image credit: Klaus Janson)

Klaus Janson has signed on to illustrate a portion of Marvel Comics' Marauders #22 (opens in new tab), part of the publisher's X-Men line.

Janson will be joining series writer Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli, in what will be the series first issue post-'Hellfire Gala.' 

(Image credit: Russell Dauterman (Marvel Comics))
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"THE PAST CAN STILL BURN YOU!" reads Marvel's description for Marauders #22. "The Hellfire Gala may be over, but the flames of Hellfire past come licking at the heels of the Inner Circle…"

Duggan previously vague-tweeted about Janson's involvement in Marauders #22, calling him "one of the best artists EVER" and "a personal hero." The writer has since called Marauders #22 "the biggest Marauders story yet."

Klaus Janson is a celebrated comic book artist, particularly for his skill in finishing and inking. He became well known for his long collaboration with Frank Miller, which began in Daredevil (opens in new tab), continued to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (opens in new tab), and has kept up all the way into recent years with The Dark Knight III: The Master Race (opens in new tab).

While Janson has worked on virtually every major Big Two superhero title, he's done relatively few Marvel mutant titles - a few issues of Wolverine, a few issues of Gambit, and some one-off X-Men issues such as X-Men: Legacy #208 and X-Men Chronicles #1.

Marvel Comics' talent scout turned editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski is said to have been instrumental in getting Janson onboard to draw a portion of Marauders #22.

Besides Marauders #22, Janson is working on the second volume of his creator-owned series with Pablo Raimondo, Sacred Creatures (opens in new tab).

Marauders #22 goes on sale on July 22, just two weeks after Duggan relaunches the X-Men title with Pepe Larraz.

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Chris Arrant
Chris Arrant

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