Marvel planning War Machine spin-off

Marvel planning War Machine spin-off

Marvel Studios are gearing up for a massive couple of years, with Thor and Captain America scheduled for 2011, and The Avengers arriving in 2012.

The studio has already announced plans for Iron Man 3 for 2013, and if reports circling Hollywood are to be believed, they are also planning a spin-off for Iron Man sidekick War Machine .

Pajiba are reporting that a pitch has gone out to writers today, and to expect the official announcement to follow shortly.

In the comics, the War Machine is the nickname of a heavily weaponised suit of armour created by Tony Stark, but used by his colleague, Air Force Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes.

Don Cheadle wore the War Machine suit in Iron Man 2 and is expected to reprise his role in The Avengers , so with news of a spin-off it would seem Marvel have the star locked in to a multi-picture deal.

Expect more single character spin-off news as Marvel look to fill their post- Avengers schedule.