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Mark Wahlberg stars in official Transformers 4 photo

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While official shots from the set of Transformers 4 have so far focussed mainly on the fourquel's automobiles, a new photo finally introduces a couple of humans - including Mark Wahlberg's satchel-wearing hero.

The above photo was released over the weekend, and shows director Michael Bay out-posing Wahlberg in front of a strange new monolith.

What is said monolith? Could it be the franchise's new MacGuffin, taking over from the Allspark - the energy cube that was so pivotal to the first Transformers flick?

Or could this be one part of Fortress Maximus, the giant Transformer who's yet to take a bow on the big screen?

Obviously it's impossible to tell this early. After all, this could also just be Bay taking us all for a ride with a shot of some fancy set dressing…

Transformers 4 opens on 10 July 2014.

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