Mark Bagley joins Amazing Spider-Man #53 in interior artist change

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has announced that interior art for Amazing Spider-Man #53 will be provided by artist Mark Bagley rather than previously solicited artist Patrick Gleason.

The announcement comes from Marvel's weekly retailer newsletter.

Though the issue ties into the upcoming 'Last Remains' arc, the solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man #53 plays its cards close to the chest, indicating that Kindred will get his hooks in another one of Spider-Man's enemies – apparently through tragic means.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Another classic Spider-Man villain gets pulled into the most soul-shaking Spider-Man story ever," reads Marvel's official description. "You won't believe what you read, and it will break your heart."

Marvel recently named Gleason, who has been working for the publisher for a little while following a long period of exclusivity with DC, as one of the publisher's inaugural class of "Stormbreakers" – artists who are emblematic of Marvel's style and mission.

"This year's Stormbreakers embody pure talent and creativity that, time and time again, have shown us all there are no limits to what visual storytelling can do," Marvel Comics' editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski stated when Marvel announced the idea of Stormbreakers. "We are continuously blown away by their innovative styles and by the power in how they capture the heart, humor, and humanity of our characters."

Bagley is no stranger to drawing Spider-Man, having worked for Marvel Comics since the early '90s. In the last 30 years, Bagley has drawn dozens of Spider-Man comic books and spin-off titles, including an extensive run relaunching and redefining the mythos of Spider-Man alongside writer Brian Michael Bendis in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Amazing Spider-Man #53 is scheduled for a November 25 release.

'Final Remains' isn't the only thing happening in Spider-Man's world - the Venom-centric King in Black launches in December.

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