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Mario Super Sluggers Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by s-fizzle for rizzle my nizzle

    Paint Your Own Icon

    Once you get the paintbrush in challenge mode, go to the Wario city and talk to the Koopa by the billboard. He will then join your team and let you paint on the billboard. What you paint on the billboard also shows up as your icon in the menu where you choose which file to load. Have fun painting!

  • Wii | Submitted by Hurbleshnurble

    Yoshi Park Code

    You know that machine thing that the blue Yoshi is guarding? Talk to him and you will have to enter a code here it is:18 10 6 4 2

  • Wii | Submitted by samantha hungbottom

    Final Movie

    To unlock the final ending Beat Bowser twice.

Mario Super Sluggers Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by GMAN, wit no life, marc

    Unlockable Characters

    Baby Daisy - Head over to Peach Garden and use Wario’s magnet to pull Daisy’s baby rattle from the fountain. Then, use Yoshi to head through the manhole cover on t
    Baby DK - In the DK Jungle, use Yoshi’s power to free him from a palm tree he’s stuck in.
    Baby DK - Defeat DK's team
    Baby Luigi - Do the levers in Mario's Stadium to connect the bridge to let him join you
    Baby Mario - After Getting Baby Luigi, go to the field where you battle Bowser Jr.'s Team and save him
    Baby Peach - Shes Hiding in a bush in Peaches Stadium
    Birdo - In Yoshi Park, Beat Bowser Jr.
    Blooper - Complete all tutorials in the practice section.
    Blue Noki - Complete his task in Mario's Stadium
    Blue Pianta - Get the key and save him. He is the one trapped in the shop, in Mario's stadium
    Blue Shy Guy - Shoot the pirahna plants in Yoshi's Ballpark
    Boo - Solve the block puzzle in Wario City by using DK and Wario
    Daisy - Complete Peach's Stadium
    Funky Kong - In the DK Jungle, save him from the Hammer Brother.
    Goomba - Help him trace his shop in Wario City
    Green Koopa - In Wario City, free him from the poster.
    Green Noki - Have Blue Noki in Team and Talk to him
    Green Toad - Search the bush in Peach's Stadium after clearing Toadette's puzzle.
    Green Yoshi - Unlock Him At the manhole in Yoshi's ballpark
    King Boo - Find the Tiny Boos in a chest in Wario City and talk to him
    King K. Rool - Head over to the DK Jungle and defeat all four Kritters. You can then go to the waterfall, defeat him, and he’ll join.
    Kritter - In the DK Jungle, defeat King K. Rool
    Monty Mole - Use Peach on Monty outline on Mario Stadium's beach.
    Paragoomba - Use Yoshi's ground pound on one of the palm trees in Wario City
    Paratroopa - Defeat The minion guarding the lighthouse in Wario City
    Peach - Complete Her Stadium
    Red Noki - Have both others and talk to Him
    Red Paratroopa - In Wario City, pain the giant billboard with a paintbrush found in Yoshi Park.
    Red Shy Guy - Shoot the pirahna plants in Yoshi's Ballpark
    Red Yoshi - Find his brush that he lost. Find him in Yoshi's Stadium
    Tiny Kong - In the DK Jungle, defeat Bowser Jr.
    Toad - He wil join you when you start Peaches stadium
    Toadette - Talk to her in Peach's Stadium
    Waluigi - Find him on top of a skyscraper in Wario City
    Wiggler - Win a game at the toy field
    Yellow Yoshi - Use Yoshi to get him out of a tree he is stuck in at Yoshi Park

  • Wii | Submitted by Zeromus

    Minigame Madness

    Minigame Madness - Beat all Minigames on Star Difficulty.

  • Wii | Submitted by Phantom Phart

    Night Games

    Unlock Night Games - Beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom in Challenge Mode.

  • Wii | Submitted by Hominid


    Buddy Badge - Get every character on your team
    Error Item Badge - Unlock every Error Item
    Play Badge - In Challenge Mode beat all of the mini games and win a game in Toy Field
    Stadium Badge - Unlock once you have opened all the playable ballparks.
    Star Badge - Unlock once you make all playable characters star characters.

  • Wii | Submitted by gomer

    Unlockable Fields

    Bowser Jr. Playroom - Beat Bowser Jr. in this stadium in challenge mode
    Bowser's Castle - Beat Bowser in Challenge Mode
    Daisy Cruiser - Buy the cruiser pass from the shop in Peach Ice Garden
    Luigi's Mansion - Buy Luigi's flashlight from the shop in Mario Stadium