Mario Run's first content update is Christmas trees and snowglobes

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The Mushroom Kingdom may still be in shambles after Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach for the bajillionth time at the start of Super Mario Run, but Mario and the Toads won't let that keep them from giving what's left a festive makeover. The first post-launch content for the mobile platforming game has arrived as a trio of holiday-themed objects: poinsettias, snow globes, and Christmas trees.

Take a look at the new objects and their requirements - sorry, fellow free-players, we'll need to pony up for the full game if we want to really get Christmassy.

We'll have to wait and see if Nintendo plans on adding anything more substantial to Super Mario Run - a few more Worlds of platforming levels would be nice. And y'know what would really seal the deal for me, Nintendo? Two words: playable Waluigi.

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