Manhunt is back

The most brutal video game ever to see the light of day is making a return. Yep, that's right, Rockstar has officially confirmed that it is currently working on Manhunt 2 exclusively for PS2, Wiiand PSP and that the game is due out in summer.

Not forthcoming with any story or game details, the only other info that Rockstar has slipped out is that the PS2 and PSP versionsare being developed at its new London studio in conjunction with Rockstar North, the people responsible for the Grand Theft Auto games, as well as the original Manhunt. Rockstar Toronto is handling the Wii version.

Above: If the original Manhunt was this creepy, we shudder to think of what the sequel will bring

We're pretty sure that Manhunt 2 will mark a return of the same sort of murder, violence and morally questionable - and stealth flavored - gameplay that made its predecessor so infamous. We'll bring you more info as we get it.

February 6, 2007