Man turns GTA IV box into computer

When you got your special edition copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, did you ever think 'Hey, that would make an awesome case for a PC?' No? Well, Mark Harris did.

During a quiet spot at work, Harris took a miniITX system and saw the potential in its size. "Normally I don't see the point in buying limited / special editions of computer games," he told us, "as they come with items that you will find yourself throwing away after a while.

"Not pre-ordering my GTA IV early enough meant I had to order the special edition. I'm glad that I did."

As you can see fromthe screenshots, Mark took the GTA safety deposit box and converted it into a fully functioning computer.

This isn't the first time aminiITX system has beenpacked into a novelty box. In April, Alex Wiley packed it into a case modeled on the Digg logo. To see it, and more of the GTA safety deposit box, check out theMini-ITXwebsite. Some things have to be seen to be believed.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 22, 2008