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The Magic Circle wants PS4 players to do everything they can to break it on May 10

The Magic Circle is a game coming to PS4 on May 10. "The Magic Circle" is also the name of an unfinished game in The Magic Circle, and it's your job to either fix it so that it can be shipped, or burn it all down so that its digital misery can come to an end.

If you've ever been frustrated by lengthy development or had a game you looked forward to turn out to feel like little more than smoke and mirrors, The Magic Circle is for you. In it, you play as a video game tester imbued with code-manipulating powers, which you'll use to turn the fictional game against itself and generally piss off the people making it.

Give a mushroom a railgun. Make a turtle fly. Break the game however you need to in order to solve puzzles and show those slackers how it's done. After all, if they won't finish the game, you will, and you'll do it better.

Oh, and that Magic Circle, the one where you mess with creatures' code and solve puzzles? That's based on another, also fictional game, a text adventure called - you guessed it - The Magic Circle.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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