Maggie Simpson gets a voice

The Simpsons has been running for 17,000 years now. All right, so maybe it’s more like 20 years, but the ‘toon can still draw in the big celebrity to provide voices.

Jodie Foster and Anne Hathaway are the biggest names for the new season (the 20th, for those counting), according to Entertainment Weekly . Foster will be stepping into the shoes of Elizabeth Taylor, who provided eternally dummy-sucking infant Maggie with her first word, by playing a much older version of the character in an episode set to air early next year.

Four Great Women And A Manicure will see famous tales such as Queen Elizabeth’s life and Macbeth given the yellow-painted treatment.

And Hathaway will guest-star as a girl who becomes Bart’s latest crush in The Good, The Sad And The Drugly. The show will find him turning into a Good Samaritan in the name of love. Things, naturally, don’t go smoothly for the relationship. Well, you didn’t think Bart was going to turn into a model citizen, did you?

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