MAG: What's the verdict on Sony's online FPS?

The different spawn points manage to inject some fun and strategy into where you should reappear too. For example, rather than starting back at the barracks, miles away from the action, you can choose a parachute drop and then float straight into a lofty position fit for a cowardly sniper.

Q: Are the different factions unique?

A: In appearance and the look of the guns? Yes. In every other way possible? No. The weapons all feel the same no matter which group you’re with. The event didn’t show any difference between SVER, Raven or Valor even though they’re all supposed to be unique.

Above: Team Raven. They have all the high-tech weapons and gear

Q: So is it worth buying?

A: Based on what we played at the review event – no. We can’t justify why you’d choose MAG over any of the current crop of FPS stars and the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which does the online side better and has a campaign mode to boot. However, we've held off from the review because this event didn't really let us explore MAG in the way we needed to be able to form a definitive answer.

MAG will live or die based on the gamers who play it, which is why we're going to wait to review it. If you get into a great squad/clan then you’ll increase your enjoyment as it potentially gives off a great sense of teamwork. But as a solo person, there’s nothing we've seenat the moment that'snew or exciting to get pumped about. Most FPS games out there now provide a much more complete experience than MAG, and that’s without the need for 256 players.

Feel like we’ve missed a question you’re dying to know the answer to? Well drop us a comment below and we’ll answer them until Friday 29th January. A full-review is incoming next week.

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