Mafia 3 trailers introduce you to your new family: a Ron Swanson lookalike and Haitian murderess

You can't very well be a mob without a family. And Mafia 3 is going to introduce players to one of the most eclectic bunches of criminals and maniacs yet. The game's official YouTube channel has recently started a series of videos that go over each of hero Lincoln Clay's cohorts, and the first two are quite the pair.

Meet Cassandra, a Haitian "voodoo queen" who prefers her kills up close and personal, and Thomas Burke, an Irish anarchist - or as I'm going to call him, "evil Ron Swanson". 

There's only one of Clay's "lieutenants" that hasn't been given a trailer yet: Vito Scaletta. Judging by the pace that the previous videos have been released though, I'd wager it won't be long before we see what the Italian mobster will bring to the table. Though whatever it is, I'm guessing it won't be "calm discussion where people can air grievances like civilized adults".

Mafia 3 will tear up New Bordeaux on October 7.

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Sam Prell

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