Madden NFL 08 - Hit me with your best shot

Stiff Arm Ball Carrier
Talk to the hand. If you come at these stars, you're likely to eat a mouthful of Kentucky Blue Grass. Terrell Owens and Willis Mcgahee are among the best in this category, although a defender has a better chance of stripping the ball from these players.

Pass Blocker
Good luck trying to beat these players who take pride in being their quarterback's personal bodyguard. Guys like Orlando Pace and Tarik Glenn love a pancake breakfast on Sunday.

Crushing Run Blocker
There's nothing a running back likes more than seeing one of these tractors clearing space ahead of them. Follow Jon Runyan and Willie Anderson straight to glory.

Big Hitter
Do not,we repeat, do not go over the middle against these monsters. Brian Urlacher and Sean Taylor take pride as the NFL's best tattoo artists. Be sure to cover the ball if you see them bearing down on you.

Brick Wall Defender
These defensive players art tackle machines and not even the most elusive backs can escape their perfect tackling technique. Don't believe us? Try shaking Zach Thomas or Jonathan Vilma. We dare you.

Shutdown Corner
These corners are the best at man coverage in the NFL and will run step for step with any receiver on the field. You might as well not even look in the direction of Champ Bailey or Lito Sheppard. Just don't.

Smart Corner
If you run the same play over and over again, these player will sniff it out. Don't try and fool Chris McAlister or Ronde Barber.