Madden NFL 08 - Hit me with your best shot

There are 24 weapon types in the game and it's up to you to harness your best players and exploit mismatches against your opponents. But remember, your opponent has weapons too, and ball-hawking Ed Reed can quickly negate any advantage you were hoping to get by throwing a deep ball to Ocho Cinco.

Below we have all 24 weapon types and some of the best players in each category.

Accurate QB
Able to thread the needle on short and intermedieate routes, the accurate quarterback puts the ball right on the numbers. While not as accurate on deep balls or on the run, QBs like Payton Manning and Marc Bulger can pick you apart.

Elusive Back
Able to leave you hugging air and searching for your shoes, the elusive backs are some of the most dangerous weapons in Madden 08. Only the finest defenders can bring down these players in the open field. See Reggie Bush, Ladainian Tomlinson.

Power Back
Power backs consistently lower their shoulders and put the hurt on would be tacklers. Only big hitters can go heads with the likes of Larry Johnson and Brandon Jacobs and come away unscathed. Our advice: go for the legs.

Quick Receiver
These wide outs can consistantly beat press coverage and explode right into their routes. No one gets off the line better than Marvin Harrison and Torry Holt.

Spectacular Catch Receiver
These players will leave your jaw on the turf with their amazing ability to do things no one else can do. Although vulnerable to big hitters, receivers like Brandon Lloyd and Plaxico Burress will astound you with highlight reel catches.

Possession Receiver
Hines Ward and Anquan Bolden are the best possession receivers, best known for holding on to balls in traffic. Look for these players when you need a first down and to move the chains.

Hands Receiver
For whatever reason, these players have a knack for pulling down catches. The best hands receivers are among the most prolific in the league: Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Wayne.