Madden NFL 08 - Hit me with your best shot

Press Coverage Corner
Be sure to move these corners right up to the line of scrimmage so they can jam recievers. Careful: even press artists like Al Harris and Nate Clements can get beat deep by a quick receiver.

Finesse Move Defensive Lineman
These player were born to sack the quarterback. Their quickness against offensive linemen almost require a double team. Don't try to many deep drops against the likes of Dwight Freeney or Julius Peppers.

Power Move Defensive Lineman
Their brute strength helps them bull-rush into the backfield to smash running backs in their mouths. Only the best run blockers can hope to stop Jamal Williams or Shaun Rogers.

Smart Linebacker
Zach Thomas and Tedy Bruschi know what play you're running. Audible now.

Smart Safety
There's a reason why John Lynch and Ed Reed are never out of position. They're smarter than you.

Big Foot Kicker
They got legs, and they know how to use them. No one has more range than Sebastian Janikowski or Neil Rackers.

Accurate Kicker
If you had to trade range for anything, it would be the ability to kick under pressure. Sorry Sebas, but Adam Vinitieri and Matt Stover are your best bets here.

Speed kills, and in this league the only way to fight speed is with more speed. The only player to ever receive a perfect 100 rating is in Madden 08: Devin Hester.