Macy behind the camera!

There are certain actors who transcend above the movies they appear in. Actors who we can forgive the odd stinker, because they are more reliable than German penalty takers. William H Macy for example…

We forgive him Jurassic Park 3 and Seabiscuit because we love him in Fargo and Boogie Nights. Now, after years scene-pinching scenes and movie-stealing, Macy is picking up the megaphone for the first time.

“This coming fall, I'm going to direct a film called Keep Coming Back,” Macy told Details remain sketchy as he effortlessly slips into the most infuriating of director’s traits: secrecy. Macy did reveal one thing though – he’s nabbed himself an impressive leading lady.

“It stars Salma Hayek, but she's the only name I can name. I've got more cast, but I can't say it.”

Written by a man named Will Alditch, Macy was originally approached by the screenwriter to take one of the key roles but soon found his arse firmly nestled in the director’s chair.

“I read the script and I saw it in my mind's eye so clearly. So I just called him up and said, 'Yeah, I liked it a lot. Who's directing?' He said, 'If you want to direct it, you direct it.’ It's a witty script - adult and smart, and yet, kinda broad and outrageous. So that's my directorial feature debut. I directed a little film for HBO about 100 years ago, but that was shorter with about a million-dollar budget. This is a real movie, it's an indie.”

Macy hopes to get into production before Christmas, once he has wrapped middle-age road movie Wild Hogs alongside Tim Allen, John Travolta and Martin Lawrence.

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