Luigi's Mansion 3 gets first DLC pack almost two months early - meet Groovigi

Nintendo has launched the first DLC pack for Luigi's Mansion 3 almost two months ahead of schedule.

Despite earlier plans to release it on April 30, Part 1 of the Multiplayer DLC pack is available on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99, I can personally attest. Buying the DLC gives you access to a special in-game flashlight that projects a silhouette of everyone's favorite spectral pup onto walls. And as if that's not worth the price of admission alone, the DLC includes three new mini-games for the multiplayer ScreamPark mode, six new ghosts, three new Luigi outfits, and three new floor themes in the co-op ScareScraper mode.

The three new ScreamPark modes are Tricky Ghost Hunt, DodgeBrawl, and River Bank. Tricky Ghost Hunt is a lot like Ghost Hunt, except you have electrically-charged floor panels to contend with. DodgeBrawl is exactly what you think but with fruit, and River Bank throws you in a river with an inflatable duck to swim upstream and collect coins while dodging stuff.

ScreamPark also has a new offline practice mode that can be accessed by just one player. As for ScareScraper, Luigi can now dress up as a medieval knight, a mummy, or a disc jockey from the '70s named - wait for it - Groovigi. 

The online co-op mode also gets a new 20-floor mode and new rare ghosts.

I couldn't be happier to have more Luigi's Mansion 3, especially since the multiplayer suite was admittedly a tad thin at launch. Expect Part 2 of the Multiplayer DLC to launch in July, but be prepared in case Nintendo decides to jump the gun again (we won't mind, Nintendo. Promise.)

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Jordan Gerblick

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