Lost 3.02: The Glass Ballerina review

The One Where: Jin reveals he’s well aware of Sun’s secrets.

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AIR-DATE: 11/10/2006

Written by: Drew Goddard, Jeff Pinkner

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Starring: Tanya Raymonde, MC Gainey, Tony Lee

In Flashback
Sun’s dad
discovers her affair with Jae, and
tells Jin to bump him off (not
telling Jin the real reason). Jin,
though, just roughs Jae up and
tells him to leave the country.
Instead, Jae commits suicide.

On the Island
Sayid, Sun
and Jin are still on the yacht
waiting for Jack and co. Sayid
tricks the Korean couple into
helping build a fire to attract the
Others, so he can take captives.
Instead, the Others capture the
yacht, but not before Sun shoots
one of them.

Jin also hints that knows more
about his wife’s indiscretions and
has a better grasp of English
than she realised.

Kate and Sawyer snog while
on work duty, which causes a big
punch up. Ben offers to send
Jack back to his old life if he
cooperates with the Others.

There are quite a few
revelations but not many of great
significance. Jin has learnt some
English and may know about his
wife’s affair. The Others are
definitely in contact with the
outside world (though the scene
where they prove this to Jack is
fairly amusing). This feels more
like a leisurely mid-season plod,
and the flashbacks are now more
of an annoying distraction rather
than shedding light on the main
events. Sawyer and Kate are still
good entertainment value, but
Sayid is worryingly sketchily
written here; his sudden “It’s a fair
cop, guv!” apology at the end
seems totally out of character.

Sawyer: “You taste
like strawberries.”
Kate: “You taste like fish biscuits.”

Dave Golder

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