Lost 2.20 Two for the Road review

The One Where: Michael goes postal on Libby and Ana.

AIR-DATE: 03/05/06

Written by:
Christina M Kim and Elizabeth Sarnoff

Paul Edwards

Michael Emerson, Rachel Ticotin, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick and John Terry

Rating: 4/5

In flashback
Ana-Lucia's mother works out that her daughter killed a man in revenge, so Ana resigns from the police force. She meets Jack's drunken dad in an airport and he asks her to accompany him to Australia as a bodyguard. He's trying (unsuccessfully) to build bridges with his estranged daughter. His drunkenness pisses Ana off so much that she gets a plane back home, hoping to reunite with her mother (guess which flight?). Jack's dad, meanwhile, drinks himself to death.

On the island
Henry tries to strangle Ana when she goes to feed him, but Locke hits him over the head with a crutch. Ana vows revenge and tries to get a gun from Sawyer but they end up shagging instead. Ana manages to steal Sawyer's gun without him noticing. Sneaky!

Jack brings the unconscious Michael to the hatch. Michael wakes up and says that he has seen the Others' camp, and that, since they only have two guns between them, they are ripe for attack from the plane survivors. Emboldened by the news Jack, Locke and Kate (leaving Ana alone in the hatch) go to Sawyer to demand he gives them the guns he's hoarding. He refuses until Jack pulls a gun on him, at which point he realises that Ana has stolen his gun. Locke suddenly realises what Ana is intending.

Elsewhere, in the B-plot, Hurley plans a picnic for Libby but forgets the blankets. She goes to the hatch to collect some.

In the hatch, Ana cannot bring herself to shoot Henry. Michael offers to do it for her. She gives him the gun. Michael then apologises to Ana and, shakingly, shoots her dead. Libby blunders in and Michael pumps her with bullets as well. Then he opens the door to the armoury to set Henry free, before finally turning the gun on himself.

Sawyer blunders briefly into Ana's flashback.

A so-so episode that will forever stake its claim in the Lost Hall Of Fame for its bloodbath ending which really is a shocker (though debate will no doubt rage for a long while over whether Ana-Lucia and Libby were always destined to be sent packing or if the actresses' offscreen drunken driving antics had anything to do with the decision). The island antics keep your attention . despite the fact it's obvious from the moment they start grappling that Sawyer and Ana-Lucia are going to snog - and it's good to see a range of the regulars getting some decent screen time. The flashback, though, is almost completely redundant and irritatingly dull, only enlivened by some gratuitous spot-the-cameo moments (Sawyer, Jin, Jack...). But you won't remember any of that. You'll remember the ending.

Michael: "I'm sorry." Ana-Lucia: "For what?" BLAM!!!!

Dave Golder

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