7 questions I have after watching Netflix’s Lost in Space season 1

Netflix's Lost in Space TV show

Netflix’s reboot of the classic ‘60s sci-fi show Lost in Space is out now and if you’ve watched the ten episode series already (good work!), you’re bound to have a few questions going into season 2. Fair warning if you haven’t finished it yet, there are full spoilers for the Lost in Space ending here so turn away now and come back once you’re done. Everyone else is probably wondering what’s going to happen to the Robinsons when they (hopefully) return in Lost in Space season 2 as they found themselves in quite a pickle by the end of the first season. Where are they now? What will they do with Dr Smith? And for the love of god, IS DEBBIE THE CHICKEN OK?! Here are all the questions I have after watching the Lost ending. 

1. Where are the Robinsons now?

There’s a reason the show is called Lost in Space and while season 1 should maybe have been temporarily renamed Lost on an Alien Planet, the ending leaves little doubt that the Robinsons and their little band of survivors are well and truly off the space road map. Having somehow been transported who knows how far across the galaxy, the Robinsons find themselves staring at a very unfamiliar planet. In fact, it’s sort of like two planets smushed together… let’s just say, it’s like nothing they’ve seen before! Where is it? Well, it’s looking likely that it’s the alien/robot homeworld after Will made the connection between the planet(s) and a drawing the robot made in a previous episode. He said it was called Danger, but I’m guessing that’s more of a warning rather than the actual name of the place. And a sound warning it is because the Robinsons have now found themselves orbiting an alien planet with a stolen alien engine in their spaceship. And speaking of that alien spaceship...

2. If the Resolute had an alien engine why didn’t it get infested like the Jupiter?

The Robinsons’ ship was transported to the alien homeworld thanks to the alien engine, which came aboard with Dr Smith and the robot. It infected their systems and took over piloting the ship so that they ended up… well, whenever they ended up! It was a revelation which came late in the show, but the massive colony ship the Resolute, which was transporting everyone to Alpha Centauri at the beginning of the season, also runs on a similar alien engine. Yeah, that’s right, there was no impressive technological advancement in space travel, they just stole it! So, why didn’t the Resolute also get infected and transported to the alien homeworld? Could it have something to do with the massive, steel doors with warning signs all over it which contained the engine on the Resolute? Hmmm. 

3. Will Dr Smith just be locked up forever?

Clearly Dr Smith will not be spending all of season 2 shut up in the airlock, which is where she currently resides by the end of season 1 (with good reason). Maureen was hoping that they would make it back to the Resolute and she could hand Dr Smith over to the authorities, but with that looking very unlikely at this point, it’s safe to say they’ll need to let her out eventually. Other than the fact that it would create all kinds of problems trying to imprison someone against their will over a long period time (don’t they need to use that airlock anyway?), they’ll need all the help they can get in this new alien environment and Dr Smith is far from useless. I’d guess that they’ll come to regret letting her out eventually, but they don’t seem to have much choice right now. 

4. Where did that alien ship come from?

Talk about bad timing! Just as Maureen and her kids think they’ve defeated the robot and pushed him out of the cargo hold, an alien spaceship swings on by and drops off another robot to give him a helping hand. Where the hell did that ship come from? And why was there only one of them? And why didn’t they go after the Resolute like before? I have so many questions about this and it’s a bit of a plot hole in the show. The only other time we see the alien ships is right at the beginning of the series during the initial attack on the Resolute and the appearance of this one lone ship at the end of the season is never really explained. Was it left behind after the initial attack? Did it detect another alien engine and come to investigate? Is it a scout coming back to assess whether the Resolute was destroyed? Or is it just lost in space? Maybe we’ll never know. 

5. Is the robot gone forever? 

Sob. No more robot. Will’s animatronic BFF ultimately sacrificed himself to save the Robinsons from the other alien robot which appeared out of nowhere (see above) by pushing him out of the cargo hold along with himself. While the robot may have swung wildly from helpful friend, to dangerous weapon, to evil bodyguard, and then back to friend throughout the season, it’s sad to see him go. Plus, a Lost in Space show without the ‘Danger, Will Robinson’ robot? That doesn’t sound right. I’m thinking that we’ll see him turn up at some point during season 2 like a faithful puppy dog returning to his master. And probably at an opportune time too! After all, the robot doesn’t need air to breath so being in space shouldn’t be a problem. There is the small matter of how he’s going to get to… wherever the Robinsons are though. On the other hand, if the Robinsons really are orbiting the alien homeworld, there’s probably thousands of robots down on the planet that Will can make friends with. I’m sure that will go well...

6. What do the aliens really look like?

Because I’m pretty sure that the aliens we’ve seen in the show so far - the robots - aren’t actually the alien race which the Resolute stole its engine from, but made by them. Think about it, it’s clear from the start that the robot is… well, a robot rather than an organic being. We know that the alien race is very technologically advanced and the robots change shape to mimic what’s around them. That’s why Will’s robot changed to look human when they made friends. Plus, it’s pretty clear from his behaviour that he requires a master and will blindly follow the commands of whoever he’s beholden to at the time. I think the robots are just the tools the aliens used to try and get back their engine back and we haven’t actually met any of them yet. In that case, what do they look like? Well, probably like the robots original design... which is pretty scary. On the other hand, it would make sense to make your robot army as threatening and skilled in combat as possible so perhaps the aliens look like fluffy bunnies and it’s just their robots which appear to be giant, multi-armed killing machines. I guess the Robinsons will find out soon.

7. What happened to Debbie the chicken?

Oh Debbie! Where are you? We’re so worried. The last we saw of the luckiest chicken ever, Judy was putting her back in her box in the chariot after a well executed plan in which the pair outsmarted the wicked Dr Smith. That chariot (and presumably everyone in it) did make it back to the Jupiter in time for take off, but there was no sign of Debbie. Fingers crossed someone grabbed her box as they boarded otherwise Dom is going to have some things to say about it. Plus, if Debbie is on the Jupiter with the Robinsons maybe that handy tracking implant will help the Resolute find them again? You never know. She is a very lucky chicken after all.

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