Lost in Random drops you in a Tim Burton-esque world with a magic dice

(Image credit: Zoink Games)

Lost in Random is the next game from Fe and Flipping Death developer Zoink, and the reveal trailer shown at today's EA Play show would make Tim Burton proud. 

Originally teased at E3 2019, Lost in Random looks like a third-person action game set in a creepy, claymation-esque world appropriately called Random. There's something familiarly disturbing about the town in its trailer, all leaning towers and toothy citizens, but our ponytailed protagonist pops out from the dreary scenery. 

Judging from the narration, she seems to be on a quest to "break the curse of random" with the help of a sentient, creepy-cute dice companion which speaks in oddly adorable gibberish. How she'll do this remains to be seen, but it looks like it will involve third-person combat. She can apparently use her dice friend for special attacks, and she's also packing a magic mallet and a slingshot for some light shooting. 

I'm getting some faint Alice: Madness Returns vibes from this one, but the world and aesthetic of Lost in Random stand out. The Tim Burton look is great, and more than that, I'm loving the mix of mechanical monsters and animated board game pieces. With one of the main characters being a dice, and the world itself being Random, I'm willing to bet that luck and RNG will play some sort of role in combat or the story. Perhaps we'll roll our dice friend for a chance at a critical hit. 

Like Fe, Lost in Random will be published under the EA Originals label. We don't have a release date just yet, but the developer states that it is "still a long ways from launch". 

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