Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event guide

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event
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Our Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event guide for the Summer Festival is all that stands between you and getting your Heartbeat Island rewards. We'll help you with how to start, how to find the correct location, and how to complete all the event challenges. 

Since you probably don’t want to miss out on the Honing materials, Legendary Card Packs, or the fancy new headband, here’s a Heartbeat Island event guide.

Heartbeat Island location and event requirements

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event

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The Heartbeat Island event has only a few requirements: your character needs to be at least level 50, and you need to have an item level of at least 250. One of the event challenges, The Very Best Dance, also requires the Sway or Umarka emote. 

If you’re having trouble finding the Heartbeat Island location, take a look at the picture. It’s located just west of Anikka and south of Pleccia. 

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event rewards

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event

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The Heartbeat Island activities are rewarded with Festival Coins. Once you’ve acquired a nice stack of this event-only valuta, visit Della (located in every large city as well as Heartbeat Island itself) to exchange them. Here’s what you can buy:

  • Empty listHoning Materials. Any kind you need, from Harmony Shards to Crystallized Guardian Stones. 
  • Legendary Card Packs
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chests
  • Powder of Sage: increases probability of success when transferring a Skill Tree Effect.
  • Una’s Daily Tasks: Instant Completion Pass or a Daily +1 Extension Pass
  • Tailoring & Metallurgy Honing success rate +10%
  • Zingy Summer Cocktail: a consumable that grants +25 Weapon Power and +360 Vitality.
  • Headband selection chest: a colourful headband for your character.
  • Silver

How to start the Heartbeat Island event

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event

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To start the Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event, talk to Jollous, the Festival Planner. You can find him in any major city (look for the pink exclamation mark on your map). Talk to him and then read the Summer Beat Festival Invitation to start the event quest. 

After that, head to Heartbeat Island and do the following to complete the introduction:

  • Talk to Jollous.
  • Play the Song of Valor for Jollous.
  • Dance, Sway, or do the Umarka.
  • Use the Cheer emote while Jollous dances.

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island daily quests

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event

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This event comes with three daily quests, rewarding 100 Festival Coins each. Here’s an overview:

  • Don’t You Worry: lie down on one of the sunbeds for 30 seconds.
  • A Song For You: stand near the musician and watch her play for 30 seconds.
  • Tranquil as the Sea: go to the docks and listen to the waves for 30 seconds.

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island schedule & co-op quests

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island event

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Besides the three dailies, the Heartbeat Island Summer Festival has two co-op quests. They start once every hour. If you want to see the next starting time, open Procyon’s Compass and go to Fever Time. At the moment of writing, the standard schedule is ten minutes to the hour (so 10:50, 11:50, 12:50 etc) for the first event, The Very Best Dance. The other one starts about ten minutes later. 

  • The Very Best Dance: dance either the Umarka or Sway while standing in the yellow circles. 
  • Shining Night of Arkesia: pick up a Glowstick and attack the boss with your base attack. You can use your skill buttons to increase your Attack Speed and Movement Speed.  

The Lost Ark Heartbeat Island AFK time

The Heartbeat Island event received some online criticism for its AFK (away from keyboard) time. Initially, players had to wait three minutes to complete a Daily Quest, so nine minutes in total. That time has now been adjusted to a 30-second wait instead (a minute and a half in total). As a result, completing the Dailies and doing both co-op quests once shouldn’t take much more than 15 minutes.

Good luck with the dancing on Heartbeat Island, and give our best to Jollous!

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