Looks like there’s a PS4 slim on the way as well as a Neo

A Tokyo tech writer at The Wall Street Journal, Takashi Mochizuki, is reporting that a PS4 Slim is on the way, separate to the now confirmed upgraded PS4 Neo

The full report is on a Wall Street Journal story entitled ‘Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sales Help Keep Profit Target Within Reach’. Helpfully that’s behind a paywall but Takashi tweeted out this confirmation:

If it is a rumour it seems a very possible reality because the Wall Street Journal doesn’t generally throw out unsubstantiated gossip. In another tweet he also mentioned that Sony declined to comment on the existence of a Slim. 

It's certainly not the most unlikely of ideas: the PS4 has been around a while now so it makes sense that Sony can now produce a smaller, cheaper model. The Tokyo Game Show will take place 15-17 of September so, baring any more leaks or an actual announcement, we’ll find out then. 

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Leon Hurley
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