Long-awaited Elden Ring DLC trailer will debut 3 minutes of Shadow of the Erdtree footage tomorrow

Elden Ring
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At long last, FromSoftware is ready to lift the veil from Elden Ring's long-awaited DLC, titled Shadow of the Erdtree.

After many months of speculation, FromSoftware announced in a tweet that the first Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree gameplay trailer will debut Wednesday, February 21 at 7am PST via the Bandai Namco's YouTube channel. In a follow-up tweet, FromSoftware revealed that the gameplay reveal will total three minutes and include various subtitles for different languages.

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Shadow of Erdtree is the first true DLC update for Elden Ring following 2022's free Colosseum update, which allowed players to battle each other within the grand arenas scattered around the Lands Between.

With Elden Ring's second birthday just around the corner, the long wait for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion has been excruciating for big fans of the action RPG. The DLC seemingly entered development shortly after Elden Ring released in February 2022, but FromSoftware has been slow to reveal updates. In December, one of the studio's developers said it's still "a little ways off," but recent Steam records indicate the project is in the final stage of development as it's seemingly moved from QA to debugging.

I'd hate to jinx anything, but there's a possibility we'll get a release date for the DLC during tomorrow's showcase, especially since FromSoftware seems to be relatively close to putting a bow on its development. Only about 15 hours will tell.

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