Loki director debunks major villain fan theory from the premiere

Loki Mephisto
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You should now the deal by now. Loki, like every Marvel show that’s come before it, is seeing every little detail and morsel picked apart by ravenous MCU fans hoping to unpack whatever Marvel Studios has in store for us.

The first major theory, interestingly, came before the Loki premiere even aired on Disney Plus – though there's a moment in the episode that has continued to cause speculation on social media.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of Loki’s first episode – spoilers ahead: Owen Wilson’s TVA agent, Mobius M. Mobius, is introduced in 16th Century France of all places. There, he’s tasked with tracking down someone who is causing mayhem after a "Nexus Event" (someone who has split off from their set timeline) got loose.

The Renaissance era church, though, could be carrying a clue for some Marvel fans. In Mobius’ interaction with a bubblegum-chewing child, a stained-glass window with the image of a devil-like figure is seen. Take a look for yourself.

Loki Mephisto theory

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Predictably, social media was set abuzz after the premiere, with some believing the window is a reference to Mephisto, Marvel’s answer to the devil that was heavily linked with a WandaVision appearance that never came to pass. "I can’t believe I’m already back to screaming about Mephisto," says one viewer. Another is certain that it’s a "tease to Mephisto."

Is Mephisto in Loki? Marvel has an answer…

Loki Mephisto

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Sorry to disappoint – but that’s (officially) not the case. Director Kate Herron confirmed as much in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"It's honestly just a super weird coincidence. Like, it's genuinely a reference to Loki – the horns, he was cast out of heaven, that's what it's a reference to," Herron explained. "I did see all the stuff about that online and I was like, 'Oh, this is going to be interesting.' But no, it's more relevant to the themes of our show and it’s not a nod to that character."

So, that’s one Loki theory we can well and truly scratch off our conspiracy boards. Still, there’s plenty more to play with – not least of all another fan theory that suggests Miss Minutes may have helped set the stage for a major Marvel crossover down the line in the MCU. Plus, with all these Variants running around, there’s surely another Loki or two worth questioning before we start pressing the Mephisto button again.

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