Loki confirms its darkest fan theory in episode 3 reveal

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Called it. A Loki fan theory that’s been doing the rounds on social media has been confirmed in the latest episode of the Marvel Disney Plus series.

**Loki episode 3 spoilers ahead**

While fan theories can range from the realistic but ultimately fruitless (Mephisto, anyone?) to the absurd, a recent suggestion that TVA agents are all mind-wiped Variants who strayed too far from the Sacred Timeline has proven correct. That is, according to Lady Loki, AKA Sylvie.

Can we trust the Goddess of Mischief? Maybe. Maybe not. Still, her words chime with what many have suspected.

"They’re all Variants, just like us," Sylvie explains.

That’s a throughline that’s already been pointed out on two separate occasions. Curiously, one fan theory hints at this being proof that the TVA’s purpose, the Time Keepers, and the Sacred Timeline are all covers for something much more sinister. A second theory focuses on Mobius being a man out of time. His love of jet skis, after all, feels at odds with the orderly, beige hallways of the TVA.

That’s also backed up by Sylvie’s interactions with Hunter C-20 at the beginning of the episode. The two are sharing margaritas while Sylvia pokes around in her memories so she can find the location of the Time Keepers. The backdrop should be familiar to anyone who’s been on an all-inclusive holiday: this is Earth; the Hunter once had a real-life and a purpose. Sylvia even quips that she had to go back "hundreds of years prior" to rifle through the required memories.

With the series halfway complete, it appears the TVA Band-aid has been ripped off and won't get a last-minute Agatha-style reveal. The remaining half will likely focus on what’s hiding behind the curtain and who’s really pulling the strings across time and space.

First things first: find a way off of Lamentis. The pair of Lokis are trapped on the doomed planet at the tail-end of the 21st Century without an exit strategy in sight. Maybe then, the duo can uncover a truth that we’re all desperately seeking.

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