New Loki theory could be the key to unlocking Mobius' mysterious past

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There’s nothing better than a good Loki theory – especially when it completely changes how we watch (and re-watch) the show.

We’ve already had compelling theories suggesting the TVA is hiding a dark history. Now, a Reddit post might have uncovered a possible truth that’s been hiding in front of our noses across the first two episodes: the TVA agents, Mobius, and the Minutemen aren’t who they appear to be.

Loki theory: is the TVA hiding a big secret?

As statueofsirens posits, "TVA employees are mind wiped Variants, and Mobius was a man from the early 1990s"

Instead of TVA’s agents working at the organization willingly, the theory suggests that each agent has been plucked from branching timelines, had their memories wiped Men in Black-style, and used as tools to fix temporal affairs. Owen Wilson’s Mobius, too, is unwittingly part of the conspiracy. Going by this theory, the TVA could be the biggest villains in recorded history. Which is saying something.

This isn’t just a theory pulled from nowhere and it certainly isn't without merit. As you’ll soon find out, there is plenty of evidence that hints at this being far more concrete than it may originally seem.

The jet ski

Loki theory Mobius

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References to jet skis crop up at a couple of points across Loki episode 2. In one moment, the God of Mischief is flicking through a jet ski magazine that belongs to Mobius. In another, Mobius is explaining his love for the jet ski as a “beautiful union” between form and function from the early ‘90s.

To some, they may seem like a quirk but, as we’ll soon find out, artifacts from past lives – as well as the possibility of TVA Hunter’s old memories seeping through – makes this a compelling argument. Mobius might actually be retaining remnants of his memory prior to having it wiped, with it manifesting itself in odd fashion. In another life, we like to think Mobius was a jet ski-loving (and hopefully jet ski riding) aficionado who strayed too far from the Sacred Timeline.

Hunter C-20

Loki theory Mobius

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After being captured during a 1980s renaissance fair, Hunter C-20 is found decades down the line being held captive by someone who may or may not be Lady Loki. There, she is repeating the same words over and over again "It’s real/it was real" and adding that she "wants to go home." Ominous.

Those certainly sound like the words of someone who has suddenly been faced with an uncomfortable truth. Namely, her current life is a lie and she has a ‘real’ one that was hidden from her. She just wants to go "home" – and back to her normal life. Expect the show to pick up more of the pieces behind these lines in the coming weeks.

The pen

Loki E2

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The pen handed to Mobius by Judge Renslayer has already caused some serious debate. We might even think it could be hinting at some surprise ties to the history of a certain Marvel character.

Whatever your own headcanon on the seemingly mundane piece of stationery, there’s no denying that the camera lingers on the pen a little too long. That means it’s suspicious.

It may simply read ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt High School’ but consider the context: Renslayer won’t reveal the origins behind the pen – with Mobius joking that it’s from one of her other analysts – and her tendency to collect ‘trophies’ from missions might just tick the box of any budding theorists out there.

Renslayer’s comic origins might give her links to Kang the Conqueror (something that already suggests her duplicitous nature) but these artifacts could hint at something similarly nefarious. These collections could be items and keepsakes from the TVA agents’ original lives before they were plucked off the timeline. Whether she’s keeping them there as a reminder of the TVA’s actions or something else is up for debate – but we can’t stop thinking about that pen.

Mobius’ comic origins


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The Redditor’s theory is also a strong one when factoring in Mobius’ own comic origins. There, he works for the TVA – but there are an infinite number of him, each with different ranks and skillsets. In effect, he is disposable.

The TVA in Loki may not have a limitless amount of Owen Wilsons (Owen Wilsii?) running around, yet the comic stories and the current theory each run along the same lines: the TVA agents were molded into blank slates and pawns, designed to do the bidding of some higher power.

Alone, the pen, Hunter C-20, and Mobius’ peculiar obsession with jet skis offer nothing much. Bolt on one of the best Loki theories we’ve seen in a while on top, however, and things suddenly start fitting into place – and present a far more tragic backstory for the TVA agents than we originally envisioned.

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