Chris Hemsworth has a secret cameo in Loki

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok
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The appearance of Frog Thor in Loki episode 5 was a wonderful deep cut surprise for many Marvel fans. But it gets better. Loki director Kate Herron has revealed that it also included a secret cameo from none other than the OG Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

"I was so pleased with all the fun Easter eggs we managed to get in episode five," Herron told the For All Nerds show. "Throg, obviously, getting him in. We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that by the way… that’s like a whole new recording, not recycled. He recorded that."

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So, those amphibious grunts and groans as Frog Thor was trying to escape from his own Easter egg-laden prison (the T-365 on the jar was a reference to the frog’s first canonical appearance in Thor #365) was actually Chris Hemsworth playing a Thor Variant.

It would appear that there are no limits on just how far Marvel Studios will go to try and squeeze in a cool moment or cameo. The Void already included the Thanoscopter and a nod to The Philadelphia Experiment. However, Chris Hemsworth may have had a larger part to play in Loki if they kept to the original plans for the show.

Loki writer and producer Eric Martin revealed in a now deleted post on Twitter (H/T Screen Rant) that, "We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep 1 of Loki getting pummeled by Frog Thor." Unfortunately for us, they "had to cut it to keep things moving" despite what would have been a belated semi-onscreen reunion for Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth.

It’s unlikely that Frog Thor will show up again – but Loki might need all the help he can get as we hurtle towards the finale. All signs are pointing towards Kang the Conqueror showing up, especially given the appearance of Alioth in the previous episode. There are still many, many options for who the Big Bad might be and we’ve taken a look at the most likely candidates.

Away from Disney Plus, Black Widow has triumphantly launched Marvel Phase 4 on the big screen. If you’ve seen it, here’s a deep dive into the Black Widow ending and how the Black Widow post-credits scene sets up the future of the MCU.


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