Log in to Sea of Thieves for five minutes and get the free Halo-inspired Spartan Ship Set

(Image credit: Rare)

The full Sea of Thieves Spartan Ship Set, inspired by the Halo franchise, is available to any seafarer willing to log in for five minutes before the end of the promotional period this Saturday, August 24 at 11PM BST. The promotional upgrades were last being given away for a limited time in June.

Securing your Halo-themed bounty is about as easy as it gets. Just log in to an active Adventure or Arena Sea of Thieves game and try not to log out for a full five minutes between today and 11PM BST on August 24, and within 72 hours you'll find most of the complete set in your Ship Customization Chest next to the Shipwright shop (the flag will be in the Flag Box on your ship.)

The Spartan Ship Set is comprised of Halo-inspired cosmetics designed to transform your boring-old pirate ship into something that would make Microsoft proud. The complete collection includes the Spartan figurehead, flag, sails, hull, wheel, capstan, and cannons.

Sea of Thieves recently introduced its latest update in a new monthly content cycle, Dark Relics. The update tasks pirates and pirate legends with a total of four new Voyages and adds new items and bug fixes, as well as harpoon gun equipped row boats. The plan is to release a new themed update every second Wednesday of the month, with Dark Relics being the second in the series.

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