Netflix’s new number 1 series Lockwood & Co. lands a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Lockwood & Co.
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Lockwood & Co. has shot up the streaming charts to take the number one spot on Netflix’s daily Top 10 list. Per Flix Patrol (opens in new tab), it’s currently in the top spot in multiple categories, including on Netflix UK. The supernatural series has been a hit with critics too, landing a perfect score on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab).

Directed by Attack The Block's Joe Cornish, Lockwood & Co. follows a group of teenage ghost hunters who run the first detective agency run without adult supervision. Based on Jonathan Stroud’s collection of novels, the story is set in an alternative London overrun by ghouls that only the youngsters can see – and therefore eliminate.

Reviews have been positive so far, with the Evening Standard (opens in new tab) giving it four stars and calling it a "spooky delight". "Does Lockwood & Co break any new ground? As with Stranger Things, no," writes reviewer Vicky Jessop. "But it weaves all its constituent parts into an entertaining narrative that raises just the right amount of hair on the back of the neck."

Metro (opens in new tab)’s Josh Stephenson compared it to Doctor Who, writing: "Netflix is a fickle beast and good shows can easily slip by the wayside in favor of safer dross – hopefully, Lockwood & Co can avoid such a fate and find an audience because those who give this British supernatural thriller a try will find a scarily good time."

Viewers have been sharing their love of the new show too, with some already urging Netflix to renew it for season 2. "Lockwood and Co. is such a perfect adaptation," tweeted one (opens in new tab). "Seriously perfection in casting, writing, atmosphere... This is how it's done." Another added (opens in new tab): "It might be one of the best book adaptations ever and you cannot leave this story and characters unfinished. Please renew it for season 2."

For more on Lockwood & Co., check out our interview with Cornish and the show’s stars all about making it, as well as what the creator had to say about Lockwood & Co. season 2. For what else to stream, here’s our round-up of the best Netflix shows.

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