Live set for on-demand HDTV and movies

Tuesday 7 November 2006
Microsoft has announced that, from 22 November, US Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download high definition films and TV shows for %26pound;2 to %26pound;4 a time through Xbox Live Marketplace, with a similar service for the UK currently in development.

With six film studios and TV channels offering their programmes, those lucky yanks will get to pick from 1,000 hours of footage including films: M:i:III, Nacho Libre, Superman Returns and Batman Forever. TV shows will also be ready for downloading including Star Trek, CSI and South Park. And of those 1,000 hours of programmes, 200 will be in glorious 720p high definition resolution.

Working in much the same way as renting a DVD from your local Blockbuster, each item will be downloaded for a set price but the length of time that you can keep it will vary. So, according to Microsoft's own blog, an episode of a TV show will cost around 240 Microsoft Points (about %26pound;2) and you can keep it on your hard drive for as long as you want.