Live A Live director hopes to make a sequel to his beloved JRPG

The cast of Live A Live stare into the distance
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Live A Live's creator hopes to one day make a sequel.

The remake of the long-underappreciated JRPG just arrived on PS5, PS4, and PC last month, after debuting on Nintendo Switch last year. Director of the original and producer on the remake, Takashi Tokita, was asked in the video below whether he'd make a sequel to the cult classic, to which he replied "I hope so."

Elsewhere in the new video, Tokita reveals there aren't new endings in the Live A Live remake, but the remake is fully compatible with Valve's Steam Deck. Apparently there are also "hidden secrets" in the remake, according to an enthusiastic response from the director.

Live A Live originally launched in 1994 for the Super Famicom in Japan. The JRPG was never localized for a Western release however, and given that it was released during the arguable 'golden years' of Square Enix JRPGs, it's maintained a cult-like following for decades now.

2022's remake introduced Live A Live not only to a Western audience that could never play the original back in the day, but also a brand new modern audience. A long-lost 1994 JRPG being revived for another go by a huge developer was fantastic news for audiences and game preservationists, breathing new life into Live A Live.

The prospect of a sequel to Live A Live is obviously just a personal hope of Takashi Tokita at this point, but it's still nice to know the director would be game for a follow-up. Considering we're seeing new games like Octopath Traveler take inspiration from Live A Live's desperate stories and protagonists combining for one big tale, Live A Live's influence is clearly still being felt around the gaming industry to this day.

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