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Little Nightmares 2 fan discovers potential DLC integration in game menu

Little Nightmares 2 review
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

A Reddit user has found a potential spot for future DLC integration in Little Nightmares 2’s chapter select menu.

The Little Nightmares fan, known as u/WerewolfHide19, shared a photo of the game’s chapter select screen which appears on a grainy TV. The television set features eight channels on the dial - despite Little Nightmares 2 only containing five chapters. 

On the dial for the TV in chapter selection, there are 8 selections even though there are only five chapters, could this be a hint towards another dlc pack? from r/LittleNightmares

This has led fans to believe that the game’s developer Tarsier Studios may be working on some DLC or additional content for the sequel. To add more fuel to the speculation fire, Tarsier studios has also been tweeting cryptic replies to fans who show disappointment at the news that the studio is reportedly moving onto other IPs

In response to one fan stating that there wouldn’t be another sequel or any DLC, the developers tweeted “oh, you think so?” In another instance where a fan asked why the studio was moving onto other projects, Tarsier replied “are we? Interesting.” GamesRadar has reached out to the game’s publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment for clarity on these hints and will update this story with any new information. 

It wouldn’t be too unusual for Little Nightmares 2 to get some DLC as the first game received exactly that within the same year of release. Secrets of the Maw gave players an additional three chapters which further fleshed out the series, and even contained several clues to the game’s sequel years before it was ever announced. 

Have you plucked up the courage to try this game out for yourself yet? Did you also manage to unlock the Little Nightmares 2 secret ending?

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