Link's Awakening Secret Sea Shell locations - find all the shells and unlock the Koholint Sword

links awakening secret sea shells
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There are a lot of Link’s Awakening Secret Seashells to find, with 50 to locate as you play. There are Secret Seashells all over Koholint Island and finding them all will get you the Koholint Sword, a handy weapon that deals double the damage of the original starter sword. However, even finding some Link’s Awakening Secret Seashells will earn you some rewards, as delivering them to the Seashell Mansion will get you the following incremental rewards: 

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  • 5 Sea Shells - a Heart Piece and an additional Seashell
  • 15 Sea Shells - the Seashell Sensor which notifies you of nearby shells
  • 30 Sea Shells - a Chamber Stone
  • 40 Sea Shells - the Seashell Sword and 350 rupees
  • 50 Sea Shells - Chamber Stone ‘Rupee +'

If you want to unlock all the rewards and that sword then read on where we've got all the Link's Awakening sea shell locations: 

Mabe Village

link's awakening mabe village sea shell

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  1. Cut through the tall grass to the east side of Mabe Village.
  2. In the doghouse to the right of BowWow’s house, dig a hole in the bottom left corner.

Tail Cave

  1. Pegasus Dash into the lone tree just left of Tail Cave.
  2. In the long vertical room bomb the west wall and find the shell inside.

Toronbo Shores

link's awakening Toronbo Shores sea shells

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Head to the southeast part of the beach, where the log is. Dig a hole by the wall to the left.

Trendy Game

Link's awakening Trendy Game sea shells

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  1. Pay 10 rupees to grab the seashell in the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.
  2. Another shell will spawn in the Trendy Game throughout the game.

Seashell Mansion

  1. Once you have collected five seashells, the mansion rewards you with another.
  2. Walk right from the mansion and cut down the top right bush.

Richard’s Villa

Collect a shell underneath Richard’s Villa on the way to collecting the Slime Key.

Key Cavern

  1. Climb up on top of the dungeon building, and use the shovel to dig up a seashell.
  2. Use Roc’s Feather to reach the small island located in the pond beside Key Cavern and cut the grass.

Ukuku Prairie

  1. Dash into the lone tree located between Key Cavern and the Telephone Booth to the east.
  2. Dig a hole underneath where the giant Skull resided in the middle of Ukuku Prairie.

Mysterious Forest

  1. Dig a hole in the centre of the collection of blue flowers in the centre of the forest.
  2. Find the seashell in a chest to the right upon entering the forest from Mabe Village.
  3. Dig a hole in the area north of the telephone booth located above the Mysterious Forest.
  4. Dig a hole at the north exit of the forest, to the left side.

Fishing Game

LInk's Awakening Fishing Game

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  1. Catch a larger fish/ Blooper.
  2. Catch a fish for the first time.

Animal Village

link's Awakening Animal Village sea shells

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  1. Visit Christine in the second house from the right after delivering her letter to Mr. Write as part of the Trading Quest.
  2. Use the Magnifying Glass you got for completing the Trading Quest, and talk to the Zora in the top right corner.

link's awakening Zora sea shells

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Tal Tal Mountains

Right beside the Tal Tal warp point, throw a bomb down the well.

Rapid Ride

  1. Guide the raft to the centre island of the Rapid Raid game, and use the shovel to dig up a shell.
  2. Complete the Rapid Race game in over 30 seconds.

Kanalet Castle

  1. Use the Flippers to swim to the waterfall to the top left of the castle, and dive at the base.
  2. Dash jump or hookshot across the potholes to to the front left of the castle, and walk downstairs.

Tabahl Wasteland

Dig a hole on the very right section of Tabahl Wasteland.

Toronbo Shores

  1. On the very first part of the beach, walk to the trees aligned like a backwards lowercase ‘r’, and dash into the bottom right tree.
  2. In the abandoned house just east of the beach, break the pots.

Martha’s Bay

link's awakening Martha’s Bay sea shells

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  1. On the little island south of the telephone room, use your shovel to dig up a shell.
  2. Dig beside the owl statue located in the centre of the bay.
  3. Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish on the ocarina in the spot where the walrus was asleep.
  4. Cut down the bush that is in the top right corner, in the area just left of the Mermaid Statue.
  5. North of Catfish Maw, lift up the only movable stone in the rock maze.
  6. In the cave just beside the rock maze, bomb the west wall, push the boulders out of the way and a dig a hole beside the Owl Statue on top.

link's awakening owl statue cave sea shell

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Yarna Desert

Link's awakening Yarna Desert sea shells

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  1. Follow the path along the right and up the wall to find a shell underneath a rock.
  2. Dig a hole underneath the Owl Statue in the top right corner of the desert.

Dampe’s Shack

link's awakening Dampe’s Shack sea shell

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Complete the mission ‘Fill Up Your Hearts’.

Ancient Ruins

  1. There’s a staircase underneath the bottom right Armos, located just south of the top wall of Ancient Ruins.
  2. Head north from the ruins, and find a shell underneath the rock to the top right of the rock maze.

Face Shrine

Inside the dungeon, find the chest with 100 rupees. Head north, and find a chest with a shell in it.

Dampé’s Shack

Head west from the shack to where the pig men are, and lift the rock in the corner beside the sign.

Tal Tal Mountain Range

link's awakening Tal Tal Mountain Range sea shell

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  1. In the cave to the northeast of the three waterfalls, bomb the northern wall, walk upstairs and open the chest.
  2. Dive under the single waterfall located above the three waterfalls in Tal Tal Mountain Range.
  3. Directly above Bottle Grotto, head up the ladder to the top, and lift a boulder.
  4. Just beside the Birdkeeper’s house in the middle of the mountain range, throw a bomb into the hole to the left.
  5. From the Birdkeeper’s house, walk east across the bridge and lift the rock.

Eagle Tower

  1. In the fight with the Hinox, have him throw you down one of the holes on the left side of the room. Walk upwards and collect a seashell from the chest.
  2. Dig around the corner, to the right of the telephone booth on the way to Eagle Tower.