Lindsay Lohan goes Wilde

It’s family machinations and comedy complications for all in Oscar Wilde’s plays. And his work has always been able to attract big-name actors for adaptations on the stage and on film.

Now Lindsay Lohan, who’s clearly trying to broaden her acting horizons, has signed up to star with Sean Bean and American Beauty’s Annette Bening in the tale of Gerald Arbuthnot, an up-and-coming young man who wants to work for the posh Lord Illingworth. One slight problem – when he takes his prospective boss home to meet his mother, mummy dearest realises that Illingworth is the man who left her years ago. Oh, and he’s Gerald’s father. To quote Nelson from the Simpsons: “Ha-Haaaa!”

A Woman Of No Importance has already hit the big screen three times, and at least once on TV. Now the latest version will see Janusz Kaminski step behind the camera. You might remember him bringing us the decidedly naff Winona Ryder horror Lost Souls, but he’s better known as Steven Spielberg’s cinematographer of choice, having worked on almost everything Mr Spielberg has done since Schindler’s List.

Myriad Pictures put up the cash for the movie, which starts shooting later this year.

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