Life by You will let you turn The Sims' wildest community challenges into quests with rewards

The Sims 4 newborn
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Life by You has its own quest editor that will let you turn your favorite community-run challenges from the Sims into actual quests with incentives for completion.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Paradox Tectonic boss Rod Humble confirmed that, not only will the game support the same kind of wild challenges, it will also give players the tools to turn them into quasi-official quests complete with their own unique rewards.

Remember the Disney Princess challenge? The Black Widow challenge? The 100 Baby challenge? I admittedly hadn't heard of these until I started working on this story, at which point I started learning things about The Sims community that make me A) envious of the parties y'all must be throwing, and B) slightly concerned.

Anyway, where these kinds of Sims challenges were previously just player-run events without any in-game incentives, Life by You will let you create specific quests for others to complete and earn rewards as part of their main playthrough. The game makes its own internal scripting language available to all players, allowing you to tweak the logic of every item in the game. Coupled with the extensive quest editor, the possibilities for bizarre, macabre, and – let's face it – horny challenges are nearly limitless.

Life by You is an upcoming Sims rival being headed up by Humble, a veteran of The Sims 2 and 3 development team. It will launch in Early Access via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 12, 2023.

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