How long is the Lies of P demo?

Lies of P
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If you're wondering how long is the Lies of P demo, then it's about a good hour or two long for an average playthrough. Of course that depends on how well you click with this Soulslike, how much you want to explore, and how quickly you can clear it's challenges and bosses. So let's take a look at exactly what's in the Lies of P demo and how long it takes to clear. 

Here's how long the Lies of P demo is, and what's in it

The Lies of P demo lasts roughly two hours, although that all depends on how you play. If you run around a lot and avoid all the smaller fights you can probably see all there is in about an hour or so. Take your time, however, explore and engage with all the side beats, expect two to three hours more likely. 

The demo appears to be the opening of the game, as you pick up some key gear and choose a Lies of P combat style. From there you explore a train station, looking for the key to open the main door out. This whole section will take you roughly 20 minutes, but it's worth taking your time here to master the combat as, once you get outside, the gloves really come off.  

Lies of P combat styles

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Once you leave the main station there's a 'Stargazer' to activate (read 'bonfire'), one of the first you can find and use to fast travel around. This area feels like a test to see if you're ready, with a small horde of enemies that can quickly swamp you. It might be best to run away rather than take them on if you want to see more, faster. 

Things to look out for as you initially explore are a merchant, a Puppet Master boss that you can find at the ruins of a fairground festival, and the Hotel Krat. This is a sort of hub area where you can find Sophia who'll task you with finding Geppetto, and another merchant who can upgrade your gear. They'll also give you your 'Puppet String' which acts like a grapple hook.

It should take you take you around 30-45 minutes to get to the Hotel as while things open up outside of the station, you're largely channeled in that direction. After this the 'main' part of the demo opens up with a range of characters and bosses to find, and a wider area to explore. The demo ends fully once you get Geppetto back to the hotel and speak to him. 

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