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Liam Neeson joins The Next Three Days

Liam Neeson has signed on to a role in Paul Haggis' new thriller The Next Three Days.

He's currently chomping cigars and making tanks out of bulldozers (maybe not the second bit as the film is supposed to be more "serious) for The A-Team, but once his action stint is up, Neeson will be helping Russell Crowe with a little problem.

Crowe is a desperate husband looking to help his wife (Elizabeth Banks), who has been accused of a grisly murder she claims she didn't commit.

He'll have to get her out of prison - and luckily Neeson's character -which will largely be a cameo - is an ex-con and escape expert.

The likes of Brian Dennehy, Lennie James, Olivia Wilfe, Aisha Hinds and RZA are also starring, and Haggis is busy filming Pittsburgh.

[Source: Variety ]

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