Lena Headey locked and loaded as Sarah Connor

Blighty’s own Lena Headey is developing a bit of a reputation as a tough girl. She gave The Brothers Grimm a run for their money in the heroic stakes, will soon be seen as the powerful Queen Gorgo in 300 and also has an upcoming role in CIA thriller The Shooter, alongside tax exile Wesley Snipes.

But she’ll need to take it to the next level for her big TV break – she’s just been cast in the lead for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The role, as made iconic by Linda Hamilton in the first two killer cyborg films, will see her in modern-day Los Angeles, taking on dangerous threats sent by compu-menace Skynet from the future to try and destroy the future human resistance.

Black Dahlia scribe Josh Friedman has been hard at work for months on the pilot script, which has X-Files veteran David Nutter in the director’s chair. Nutter is something of a legend in TV directing circles – every pilot he’s worked on in the last few years has successfully become a TV series, so the US Fox network will be hoping that his magic touch happens here.

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