New $280 Lego Bowser is so massive it makes the old version look rubbish

LEGO The Mighty Bowser closeup
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The King of the Koopas has received an upgrade, and Lego The Mighty Bowser is due to hit shelves this October 1.

It's the largest of any Lego Super Mario sets so far; comprised of just over 2,800 pieces, this addition to the 'Adults Welcome' range is weighs in at 12.5 inches tall and 16 inches wide. Lego Seeing as it'll cost $279.99 direct from Lego in the US or £229.99 in the UK, Lego The Mighty Bowser also has a price to match.

Unlike the previous version of Lego bowser, it isn't just a statue either. Alongside a more detailed design that's a better match to the on-screen character, Lego The Mighty Bowser can spit 'fireballs' (or little orange studs, in this case) and has buttons to control the movement of his head or neck. Much like the recent Lego Optimus Prime, this kit comes with posable arms and fingers too. However, The Mighty Bowser differs by coming with a Lego brick display platform complete with blazing torches.

LEGO The Mighty Bowser on display stand

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In terms of how it shapes up against the old version (as seen in Bowser's Castle Boss Battle), this one is noticeably bigger, more detailed, and less stiff overall. The original Bowser kit wasn't much taller than the Lego Mario figure at around two to three inches, while this 12.5-inch 'Mighty' equivalent towers over both.

So far, this is the third of the for-adults sets from Lego Super Mario. It's also the most complex; while the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System had 2,646 pieces and the Super Mario Question Mark Block was built up of 2,064, Lego The Mighty Bowser has 2,807 pieces overall.

Lego The Mighty Bowser is up for pre-order now, and even though it's only purchasable at the official Lego store right now, the press releases states that it'll be available from other select retailers as well.

Lego The Mighty Bowser | $279.99 from Lego
Available October 1 - UK price: £229.99 at Lego

Lego The Mighty Bowser | $279.99 from Lego
Available October 1 - This updated version of Bowser is designed as a display piece for ages 18+ thanks to its size and complexity. However, it is compatible with Lego Mario, Luigi, and Peach thanks to an Action Tag that lets them all battle.

UK price: £229.99 at Lego

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