Lego designer hints at traditional Lego Super Mario figurines

Lego Super Mario
(Image credit: LEGO)

A Lego designer has speculated on the possibility of Super Mario getting his very own line of Lego minifigures.

In the episode of Bits N' Bricks podcast below (as first spotted by Brick Fanatics), Lego senior senior design manager Tara Wike was interviewed on Lego and Nintendo's partnership on the Super Mario series, and was asked about the possibility of Mario Lego minifigures becoming a reality. "Never say never and obviously we have a relationship with them now, I don’t know where that stands or if that’s been proposed," Wike says.

It's a sliver of hope for those wishing for a traditional line of Lego minifigures based around the iconic Nintendo plumber. Right now, the Lego Super Mario sets feature a blocky, action figure-like model of Mario, and not the typical Lego minifigure that we're so accustomed to. However, Wike did add that she has no say in the products that come out of the partnership between Lego and Nintendo, adding that "I can’t possibly leak anything here cause I literally don’t know."

The partnership between Lego and Nintendo was first announced last year on March 10, which happens to be Mario Day. If you're unfamiliar with the new line of Lego products, it's basically a Mario course that you can construct yourself out of Lego blocks, and then jump around using a blocky form of the Italian plumber.

After the debut line of Lego Super Mario sets was first released in August, a line of follow-up sets including the likes of Chain Chomps and Shy Guys was introduced later on in November. If you're wondering how the entire product line actually functions and plays, head over to our Lego Super Mario preview for more.

If you're still trying to get your hands on a Lego Super Mario set of your own, you can head over to our full Lego Super Mario sets guide for a list of the best prices from multiple retailers.

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