The LEGO Movie Videogame Pants location guide

Pants 11-15 

Put the Thing on the Thing 

11: Once you have constructed the giant Jukebox in the starting area, you will need to hit on 9 “Awesome” beats to get the pants. There’s plenty so if you mess up a couple times you still have a chance to nail it.

Broadcast News 

12: When you are in the TV studio, go up to the catwalks above and the pants will be floating in between them. Jump with a female character, or fly on up to reach them.

Back From Reality 

13: To get the pants, you will need to have Lord Business unlocked. Use the red and black platform on the lower level beside the truck you need to drill open for water and take out the ten guards. Once down, the pants will appear atop the ladder to the left.

Bricksburg Under Attack 

14: To get these pants, you will need to go to the upper roof when you come to the plumber’s truck being swarmed with Micromanagers. Use Lord Business on the red and black platform and then walk him to the left to hit the large switch. Once the power is off, have Unikitty break through the rainbow wall and the pants will be inside.

The Final Showdown 

15: In the second stage of the battle against Lord Business’ giant Micromanager, there will be a billboard on the left side. Fly over there and use a laser to cut around the sign. Once cut, it will fall and the pants will be revealed behind it.

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