The LEGO Movie Videogame Pants location guide

Pants 6-11 

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land 

6: Once you move the cloud by hitting the large sail near the beginning of the level, as soon as you get off the cloud there will be rainbow blocks you can smash at the bottom of the large staircase. Do so and then hit the springboard that is built and it will fling you through the air, eventually hitting the pants.

Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land 

7: After you hop in the big bird’s mouth and arrive in the next area, use a flying character to go all the way over to the left side, to the platform beside Abraham Lincoln. There will be 6 gold doors to cut away, which will release green items for Green Lantern to build. Do so and it will create a fighter jet that shoots the building revealing the pants.

Escape From Cloud Cuckcoo Land 

8: When you reach the far right of the sub, after the buildings have been attached, there will be a small shack with a gold lock. Break the lock with a laser and then you will need to use Green Lantern to build the pieces. Once completed, grab the pants there.

The Depths 

9: After the first checkpoint and you are outside the sub, go to the left and follow the passage down until you see gold rocks on the left side. Shoot them with a laser and continue through. Shoot the two gold pufferfish you come across and continue swimming up and to the right to find a passage that leads to another gold pufferfish. Destroy it too with a laser and you will receive the pants.

Infiltrate the Octan Tower 

10: At the start of the level, take a few steps to the right to see a small door and a fireplate in front of it. Use a dynamite thrower to hit the plate and the door will blow open. Once inside, use a wrench on the gears to the right, the valve on the left, smash the board in the center, and finally use dynamite again on the fireplate to the left in front of the oven. Once you have hit all of them and rebuilt the signs, the pants will appear.

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