Lego Jurassic World Sick Dinosaur Guide

Jurassic World

There are four sick dinosaurs dotted around Jurassic World.

Sick Dino #1 - Gyrosphere Valley

The sick Gallimimus is having a moment on the blue dino spawn pad.

Get stuck into the poop to the dino's left to find the carrot.

Shoot the target on the tree to the left of the spawn pad.

The apple you need will drop down.

Hop into a Gyrosphere and roll across the pad to the right of the sick Gallimimus.

You'll be flung to the platform above, smashing into the banana tree. Take the fallen fruit back to the dinosaur.

Sick Dino #2 - Shady Grove

You'll find the sick Pachycephalosaurus lying on the road towards the next map point.

Check the small pile of droppings to the right to find the leaf.

There's a Dilophosaurus block to the left of the dino. Spit on it to find the mushroom.

Opposite the sick dino is a crate stuck in a tree. Shoot it down to find the banana.

Sick Dino #3 - Safari Plains

Once you enter this area, turn right - doubling back on yourself - and cross the bridge to find the sick dino.

Along the back wall is a line of three electric switches. Shoot them to get the ice cream.

Further to the right is a pile of boulders with a grapple point stuck to them.Pull them down to find the cherries.

To the left of the bridge is a watering spot. The flower that springs up will give you the leaf you need.

Sick Dino #4 - East Boardwalk

You can't miss the Triceratops. It's lying in the paddock to the left of the arena.

Pick up and track the purple berries on the ground behind the dinosaur.

This will lead you to a watering spot. The plant will spit out the apple you need.

To the right of the plant is a whiteboard. Solve the equation to get the croissant.

Fix the broken machine behind the Triceratops to find the carrot.

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